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Welcome to Holistic Nutrition

Do you want to be happier with your body—and yourself?
You’ve come to the right place!

We all have our own personal health and wellness goals:
Weight loss.
Increased vitality.
A stronger body.
Superior health management.
Improved physical performance.
And they can all be achieved with good nutrition!


Hey there! I’m Harvey Slater, Holistic Nutrition Coach!

I teach a practical, whole-food approach to achieving a sustainable, healthy-eating lifestyle. You will learn about the nutritional value of foods, and apply that knowledge to derive the greatest benefit from the foods you eat. Food is fuel for our bodies and if we consume the best fuel, we can expect to get more of what we want from our bodies, the way nature intended!

Here are the Holistic Nutrition services that I offer:

Personal Meal Planning
meal planningDesigned for people who need some initial guidance and a step in the right direction with their meal planning.

Guided Weight Management
Holiday Weight Gain
Designed for implementation of sustainable lifestyle habits that support healthy weight and optimal overall health.

Personal Nutrition & Wellness Coaching
Nutrition Coach
Designed to provide a week, a month, or more of guidance for longer-term objectives:
~Implement a Specific Diet Protocol
~Overcome & Manage Health Conditions & Unique Challenges
~Reach Your Ideal Weight, Body Mass or Body-Fat Percentage
~Support Athletic Goals
~Gain More Knowledge & Control Over Your Eating Habits
~Improve the Nutrition You Provide for Your Family

On-Line Nutrition & Weight Loss Programs

Join our private on-line community and transform your lifestyle with cutting edge, organic, whole food supplements combined with coaching, group support, and meal plans. 10-Day Cleanse, 40-Day Healthy Reset, and 100- Healthy Lifestyle programs available, all from the convenience of your computer or mobile device!

Designed Clinical Nutrition
designed clinical nutrition
Designed Clinical Nutrition™, offered at Vibrant Living Wellness Center, addresses your functional wellness, weight loss, and other health concerns through a customized plan designed for your specific needs. A designed clinical nutrition program, in tandem with nutrition coaching, can both help you lose unwanted weight and manage your health effectively.

Healthy Grocery Shopping Trips
nutrition coaching

Let’s take a trip to your favorite healthy supermarket and go on a tour. Learn a new, healthier way to do your grocery shopping. Look at your store aisles through a new set of eyes. Discover ideas for nutritious meals, snacks and drinks. Get help reading and understanding food labels

Personal Pantry Makeover
vegan protein shake
Personal tour of your kitchen at home to reveal what is in your own pantry that might be hurting you or holding you back from achieving optimum well being, and what is there that can support you.

Healthy Cooking Lessons
Focus on a specific topic, such as “easy gluten free hacks,” “vegan cheese making,” “getting dairy-like pleasure from plants,” etc. or create your own topic. Done in the privacy and convenience of your own kitchen. Individual or small group lessons available

Your wellness goals are well within reach!
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