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Harvey Slater Bio

Food is a miraculous gift, and I want you to enjoy it while looking and feeling your absolute best! Sounds great, right? I truly believe everyone deserves to feel healthy, happy, and comfortable in their own skin. No one should have to go through life feeling stuck, bogged down, or trapped by their own poor health. But … Read More

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Nutrition Coaching

Today’s food supply looks much different than it did 100 years ago. Modern farming, demand for convenience, economics, and other influential factors have us eating a lot more calorically dense, yet nutritionally insufficient, and many times toxic foods and beverages. Our conventional health care providers are not set up to provide in-depth education and guidance to people on … Read More

nutrition services

Nutrition Services

I offer a variety of nutrition and cooking education and coaching services to suit one’s specific needs and budget. We start with a complimentary Getting Acquainted session to learn how it works and see what is possible. Then, I guide the client on a self-directed journey to create a healthier lifestyle, achieve wellness and physical performance objectives, and help overcome … Read More

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Clean Eating Challenge

Are you feeling stuck with your fitness objectives and overwhelmed by all the choices for help out there? You may be a perfect candidate for our Whole, Clean & Green community and clean-eating challenge. Watch this quick video introduction to learn more!  If you like what you see, head on over the Whole, Clean & … Read More

designed clinical nutrition

Designed Clinical Nutrition

Now you can pair my nutrition coaching services with the designed clinical nutrition services available at  Vibrant Living Wellness Center in Sierra Madre, California. Designed Clinical Nutrition™ addresses your functional wellness, weight loss, and other health concerns through a customized plan designed for your specific needs. We’ll let you know which specific whole food supplements your body requires to repair itself based … Read More

Shop Health & Wellness

Finding quality, healthful and safe products to support your wellness journey can be a challenge. Use this page as a resource and discover some of my favorite whole food, nutrition, and toxic free personal care and household products– and make your life a lot easier! You can scroll to the bottom of this page or … Read More