Ketogenic Diet- An Objective Review

the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet seems to be on everyone’s minds and googling fingertips. This ultra-low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein eating plan is gaining a great deal of traction on social media. If you search #keto on Instagram, you’ll get nearly two million posts in return.

So what’s all the rage? Is it another fad diet, or is there some solid, evidence based substance behind this diet that you can count on as a real nutrition lifestyle solution? I gave this diet a shot, a couple different times, to find out what it’s all about, how my body would like it, how nutritionally balanced it is, and how practical it would be in everyday life.

Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that in medicine is used primarily to treat difficult-to-control epilepsy in children. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. This is achieved by excluding high-carbohydrate foods such as starchy fruits and vegetables, bread, pasta, grains and sugar, while increasing the consumption of foods high in fat such as nuts, cream and butter, and fatty meats. This explains the diet’s current popularity. You basically force your body into a permanent fat burning state. Fat burning!! Sounds awesome, right? Maybe it is, but knowing where the diet came Read More

Edible Flowers You Can Find In Your Garden

edible flowers

When we think about foods for Spring, we often just think about the root, leaf, or stalk of the food. But there’s a lot of nutritional and medicinal value being overlooked in many varieties of edible flowers. Some flowers can be eaten, others can be mixed in with the herb they are attached to, and then there are others that work better as a tea or tonic.

This expands the argument for organic gardening. When you raise your garden using GMO free, heritage, or heirloom seeds, and free from chemical pesticides, you open up a whole new benefit from your typical flower garden. Not only can you enjoy looking at your garden, but you can enjoy eating and getting some nutrition form your flowers as well. Here is a list of some edible flowers that you may not be aware are perfectly safe to eat, along with some of their nutritional qualities.

Nutritious Edible Flowers Sitting Right Under Your Nose

Where I live in Southern California, nasturtiums grow wild and sometimes occupy entire hillsides. Although foraging for wild edible flowers can seem exciting, it’s best to only forage from private yards or remote areas where you know for sure the flowers haven’t been contaminated by pesticides, car Read More

Nutritional Cleanse- How To Know What’s Best for You

nutritional cleanse

Detox, fast, cleanse, master cleanse, fat flush, nutritional cleanse…I’ll bet if you try to follow a fairly clean and healthy lifestyle, that you have run into each of these terms a few times. Some people love trying different approaches to improving their well being, and may have tried all these approaches, yet others see the popularity of a detox as a fad, and in some cases even a scam.

I suppose there are some inferior products out there, and that could lead to poor results, and the impression that one is being scammed. But in general, it is widely believed, and supported, that ridding your body of toxins, resetting your metabolism, and interrupting addictive eating behaviors is a really good idea.

So how do you know who to trust, or which products are not going to leave you feeling “scammed?” I have some basic guidelines that you can easily follow when deciding whether to do a nutritional cleanse, and which product or program is right for you.

Nutritional Cleanse Tips for Beginners
Safety First!

Doing a nutritional cleanse, and other holistic wellness practices are not a cure for disease, or a Read More

Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday Weight Gain

Indulging and gaining weight over the holiday season is kind of like going into debt. It’s wonderful to experience the immediate gratification that many high-fat, high-sugar, carb-dense holiday foods  have to offer, but the pleasure doesn’t last very long. And then it can take months for some people to recover physically from the weight gain and other negative effects of unhealthy eating and drinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to just avoid the holiday weight gain in the first place, without sacrificing your fun?

According to this recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine, chronic holiday weight gain, and slow recovery time, are a reality for most Americans and people all around the world. But you don’t have to be a part of the statistics. Even though it is so close to Christmas, and you may feel like any hope for managing your weight is lost, there is a lot you can do between now and January 1st to give your body a healthy, helping hand.

Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain
  • Burn Calories Daily.  All you need is about 30 minutes of brisk activity to keep that metabolism pumping. If you already have a daily workout, great! Keep it on the calendar. If not, just try to get anything in that will burn some calories. Or do things in addition to your daily Read More

Eating Out Healthy- 5 Things to Consider

eating out healthy

As we grow closer to the holidays, and the social schedule fills up to the max, we inevitably find ourselves dining out a lot more. Sometimes it is socially, other times, it is just what we choose to do in the pinch of the busy moment. As all this fun and great food starts to build up momentum in your calendar, any commitments or efforts to eating healthy, or even eating out healthy start to become less of a priority. But you don’t have to let that happen unless you truly want to.

Wondering how to keep your healthy commitments,  when faced with an unfamiliar menu at a restaurant, is one of the top considerations my nutrition coaching clients share when we are going through their initial consultations. You’ll be happy to learn that it is actually pretty easy to handle when you have a plan and a few tips. So, I have prepared a small list of things to consider when you are Read More

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips You Can Celebrate

healthy holiday eating

I love the holiday season! It’s always exciting when the party invitations start rolling in and we start to imagine all the yummy foods we will get to try during the season. It’s really tempting to give in to wanting to eat rich comfort food and drink sugar-laden alcoholic beverages at a holiday party. If you don’t have any health concerns or think you have your body’s well-being wired, then by all means, let her rip and load on the gravy! But many of us are taking serious, committed steps to leading a consistent healthier lifestyle. And a few unhealthy holiday parties and meals with the wrong balance Read More

Does the Paleo Diet Work? An Objective Review

Does the Paleo Diet Work?

Occasionally someone will ask me, “Does the Paleo diet work?” And my answer is usually the same answer I give to any question of this nature: It depends on the person and the way the diet is implemented.  I have several clients whose current approach to eating appears to come very close to what would be considered a Paleo or Paleo-type diet. So, I decided to try the diet out for myself, for a trial run, and share a review of my experience.

What Exactly Is the Paleo diet?

I guess there are two answers to that question. There is the concept of the diet, where you basically match your eating habits to that of someone who would have lived in Paleolithic times. Then, there is the diet itself from a nutrition science point of view.

Eat like a Paleolithic person? Like, chomp down on big wooly mammoth legs wearing a leopard skin Read More

Gluten Free Pasta Alternatives to Try Today!

gluten free pasta

Guess what? Not all gluten free pasta is created equal. And, just because something says, “gluten free” does not mean it’s necessarily any good for you. Pasta can be made from a variety of foods free of gluten: beans, grains, vegetables, and more, and each one offers something unique in providing your DV of needed nutrients. In fact, the most popular go-to gluten free pasta made of quinoa and-or brown rice is just a fraction more nutritious than the traditional pastas made with semolina or wheat flour.

What happens with most gluten free diets is that people run to the first substitute they can find that looks and tastes as close to the real gluten filled product as possible. Take gluten free bread for example. How many gluten free breads are really that great tasting? Not many, from my experience. But, when you forget about the old product altogether, and give yourself a chance to explore an entirely new context of enjoying pasta and other gluten free alternatives, that is when a whole new world of superior nutrition and great flavor comes to life. So, here are some of my favorite pastas Read More