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Harvey Slater Bio

Food is a miraculous gift, and I want you to enjoy it while looking and feeling your absolute best!

Sounds great, right? I truly believe everyone deserves to feel healthy, happy, and comfortable in their own skin. No one should have to go through life feeling stuck, bogged down, or trapped by their own poor health. But the truth is, many people feel pretty bad most of the time, both on the inside and on the outside.

I get it. I know what it feels like to put your health on the back burner– to be powerless to your refrigerator, a bacon cheeseburger, or a 6-pack of beer. I, for one, haven’t always been the healthiest guy. I was once overweight, run down, and suffered from poor digestion and a toxic liver. But luckily, along the way I was presented with a better way of eating. And that changed my life!

Hey, I’m Harvey Slater! Please allow me to share my story with you…
Here are some photos of me back when I was a happy-go-lucky, unhealthy catering guy

Harvey THEN

I’m Harvey Slater, a certified holistic nutritionist, chef, and creative entrepreneur residing in Los Angeles, California. I have 25 years of background primarily in the food and beverage service business. In 2013 I hit a ceiling with my career and I hit a wall with my health! I knew I needed a change. So, I left my catering business to explore new roads and to pursue a healthier and more purposeful life. That’s basically how I ended up here! Along the journey I started a new business in a health and wellness product company. That led to learning a lot about nutrition. And that unleashed a passion that had been hiding inside of me for exploring clean, healthful cooking. This new phase of my on-going love affair with food has changed my life and my health for the better.

Harvey after the healthy transformation

Harvey NOW

In April 2014 I started leading an on-line, 28-Day “Clean Eating” support group on Facebook as a way of giving virtual, easy to access daily coaching to my nutrition product clients. The group was wildly successful and went viral in our product sales community and grew to almost 1,500 participants in just over a year. That is when I realized I had a new calling, so I earned my certification as a Holistic Nutritionist. And, I am currently working on two additional certifications: Weight Management Specialist, and Applied Clinical Nutritionist.

Now, I have the honor of helping people re-learn food. We get a divorce from the bad foods that hurt us, and create a love affair with the delicious, satisfying foods that are good for us. That’s basically my motto!

I would love to help you create the same change for yourself. Maybe that’s why we are here, together right now! My work is a practical, whole-food approach to achieving a sustainable healthy-eating lifestyle. If you want to be happier with your body, and yourself, you’ve come to the right place!

You can take advantage of my complimentary, personal Getting Acquainted session and begin the journey today! Or head on over to My Services to learn a little more.

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