designed clinical nutrition

Designed Clinical Nutrition

Now you can pair my nutrition coaching services with the designed clinical nutrition services available at  Vibrant Living Wellness Center in Sierra Madre, California.

Designed Clinical Nutrition™ addresses your functional wellness, weight loss, and other health concerns through a customized plan designed for your specific needs. We’ll let you know which specific whole food supplements your body requires to repair itself based on a variety of clinically proven methods that help us create an individual nutritional assessment of your body. Through this process of assessment, we can also determine if your body has sensitivities to certain foods that may need to be eliminated. A designed clinical nutrition program can help you lose unwanted weight, manage health conditions, and make your body stronger and more resilient with safe, effective nutritional strategies.




Using Designed Clinical Nutrition for Optimal Wellness

At Vibrant Living Wellness Center, we use clinical nutrition to help clients to understand more specifically what their bodies are trying to tell them. With that valuable information, nutrition coaching can be even more focused and customized to help people get a true handle on their foods and meal planning.

I look forward to sharing this fantastic space, located in beautiful downtown Sierra Madre, with you or someone you care about very soon. Why not come in for a complimentary phone or video chat consultation? Looking forward to seeing you in Sierra Madre!