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Today’s food supply looks much different than it did 100 years ago. Modern farming, demand for convenience, economics, and other influential factors have us eating a lot more calorically dense, yet nutritionally insufficient, and many times toxic foods and beverages. Our conventional health care providers are not set up to provide in-depth education and guidance to people on the importance of establishing a healthy lifestyle. This leaves many at a loss for a practical, nutrition-based solution to their basic health and wellness goals and objectives. That is where nutrition coaching comes in.

I use holistic nutrition coaching to offer a variety of nutrition and cooking education and coaching services to suit one’s specific needs and budget. We start with a complimentary Getting Acquainted interview, to learn how it works and see what is possible. Then I assist the client on a self directed journey to create a healthier lifestyle, achieve wellness and physical performance objectives, and help overcome their unhealthy habits.

That may be a simple enough explanation for you. But if you are like me you want to know more about all this healthy eating stuff. So allow me to elaborate further…

How Holistic Nutrition Coaching Works:

Most “diets” don’t work. There are different reasons why this is so. Some diets may help you lose weight in the short term, but if you aren’t learning permanent healthy habits or getting truly healthy on the inside, a rebound is likely to happen. Other “crash” diets may leave you feeling deprived and hungry all the time. This is another recipe for failure. And some diets are nothing more than dangerous experiments with the participant serving as the guinea pig! True holistic health makes the whole person the priority, with a nutritionally sound, practical, realistic, and sustainable approach to the diet.

In lay terms, when we feel hungry, it is our cells telling our stomach that they need nutrition. The key is to fuel your cells throughout the day with the right kinds of foods. Because most of us are running to the next convenient package of carbs or caffeinated pick me up, we are filling up our stomachs but not necessarily giving our cells the nutrition they are asking for. So our cells continue to ask for more food, we oblige with more nutritionally inadequate foods, and we enter a vicious cycle of poor eating habits without even realizing it. Nutrition can actually be a lot more complex than that, and many factors can come into play. This gives you a general idea of why knowing the basics and eating the most efficient foods makes a difference.

A good nutrition coach has the knowledge and skills necessary to help someone understand the basic roles different foods play in our bodies, and how to adapt their own lifestyle and behaviors to make sure they are getting the right foods at the right times. While the client is learning how to develop healthier eating habits, at the same time, they are learning to celebrate and enjoy healthy foods, eat mindfully, and feel satiated throughout the day. The result is a more empowered relationship to, and understanding of your food.

But you don’t have to become a serious expert in nutrition to get healthier. You just need to learn some basics and get a little help from people who have your well being at heart. A good nutrition coach always puts the client’s health and wellness needs first.

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