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Personalized Healthy Meal Planning

Some people need some initial guidance and a step in the right direction with their healthy meal planning. My personalized, healthy meal planning service provides just that, while also teaching you core concepts and skills that support a high quality diet, and will serve you for the rest of your life.

What is Personalized Healthy Meal Planning?

Unlike a stereotypical “meal plan” that you might think of, a personalized meal plan should be more like a creative strategy for getting the highest quality, targeted nutrition into your day. And you should be able to enjoy every bite. It should provide you with solutions to your day-to-day nutrition and healthy meal planning challenges. I could tell someone to measure a cup of this and a tablespoon of that, but eventually, willpower runs out and you’ll grow tired of measuring stuff! This is why so many people relapse after seeing a traditional nutritionist or dietician. Because they never actually learn how to navigate their food supply on their own.

Personalized healthy meal planning gives you a fresh view of food and how to approach your day of eating. The meal plan reads more like a recipe book than a meal plan. And it helps you reprogram your less healthy wiring around food that hasn’t served you, by demonstrating in a practical way that eating for optimal nutrition can be both simple, delicious, and enjoyable. This is especially true when you start to see and feel the results that can occur from developing sustainable healthy lifestyle and eating the foods that serve you, rather than hurting you!

Get Started on Your Own Healthy Meal Planning Journey!

With a couple sessions we can gather some information, get to know you better, and put together a meal strategy that works for your individual needs, tastes, and daily obstacles. My personal healthy meal planning service includes the following:

  • One initial consultation to get acquainted and learn about your goals, eating habits, favorite foods, day to day challenges, and wellness concerns.
  • One personalized meal plan, designed specifically for you, to help you learn a more efficient way to get your calories, while still enjoying delicious foods.
  • One 30-minute follow up visit to deliver your meal plan, complete with images, recipes, shopping lists, tips, and a brief nutrition and wellness assessment.
  • Free access to my professional nutrition coaching app, where you can log food & exercise, text questions, and receive tips and helpful documents for two weeks while you implement your plan.

You can schedule a FREE phone or video consultation to ask questions, so you can decide if a personalized healthy meal planning session would be a good place for you to start! Schedule your FREE phone consultation here! 

Ready to get started? You can purchase the Personal Healthy Meal Planning package today! Purchase your package and schedule your first appointment here!

Personal healthy meal planning is available in person in the Los Angeles, Pasadena, & Sierra Madre areas, or using remote video conferencing services.