“Harvey is an exceptional coach and mentor, somebody who really cares. He helped me get through the toughest days of my lifestyle change and has had a huge impact on my health! I am 35 lbs. lighter and happier and healthier as a result!”

-Jen, San Jose, California


“Time for gratitude. What a joy this month has been. I have stripped away so much more than lbs. Thank you Harvey — you are the endless loving gift I so needed under the tree this past holiday season. I ran into a client I hadn’t seen in over a year — he said, “wow! you look 10 years younger!” I walked to meet someone in NY and several people whistled “Hey! Pretty lady!” That hasn’t happened in years. Its external things I’m enjoying now. Looking forward to another 28-Days / another 10 lbs / another shift in feeling confident and conscious joy! I am so grateful Harvey!”

-Jordan, New York, New York


“I recently completed the 10 day cleanse that Harvey offers. By day 4 I had more energy than I think I have ever had in my entire life. Going to work, after school activities with the kids, homework, dinners, baths, etc. did not slow me down like it normally would. I did not crash in the middle of the day and i had laser focus at work. Harvey spent time talking to me on a Sunday and at 7 o’clock at night during the cleanse. He immediately answered texts when I had questions and he checked in on me throughout the ten days. Harvey is now helping me to sustain that energy and healthier eating habits after the ten days. Harvey has so much knowledge and he shares it freely. Even before starting the cleanse I had conversations with Harvey about food, kids and food, documentaries about food, etc. Thank You Harvey for you knowledge and support.”

-Ivy, Pasadena, California


“Harvey did a good job educating me on ways to improve my eating habits and health. He was easy to work with and provided excellent support through my process of losing weight and getting healthier.”

-Bernie, Corona, California


“My whole life I have struggled with my weight. And with Harvey’s hands on nutrional approach. I am learning how and what I need to do to keep me healthy. The reading material he has recommended has been a great help. And his encouragement combined with his amazing recipes and education on reading labels . He is amazing! Life changing habits…”

Dana Marie, Arcadia, California


“Harvey is thorough, communicative, and supportive. He’ll evaluate issues, make you think about your food intake and eating habits, and come up with a realistic and doable plan for you. He’ll check in and cheer you on. If you are interested in a healthier (and delicious) lifestyle, meet with Harvey!

-Sheri, Los Angeles, California


“Harvey Slater is a wonderfully compassionate individual, who really cares about his clients. He has helped me tremendously in finding a healthy eating path that does not rely on standard American fare that cause obesity, disease, and perhaps early death. My family, and I are very grateful for his knowledge and his caring. Through his recommendations, I have lost weight, eliminated cravings, elevated my mood as well as my energy. Thank you Harvey!”

-Nina, Claremont, California


“As a healthcare provider I sent several patients to Harvey Slater. They all had very unique nutritional needs and all of them were very happy with his services. I will continue sending patients knowing he provides excellent nutritional care.

-Dr. Ted Marriott, D.C., Pasadena, California


“I want to give a testimonial to anyone who’s wondering that it has made a huge difference in the success I have had by having Harvey guide me along; with the wonderful nutritional products, simple and easy recipes, and aways available with encouragement or just to listen when I have days where I slip back into old eating patterns. Happy, healthy eating works for me!”

-Sharyn, Venice, California


“I had a great experience with Harvey. He listened and gave very good suggestions for my lifestyle. He made himself available via text, email, in person or via Skype. Harvey is very knowledgeable and very helpful. The best part of my experience was the one on one grocery shopping trip. He made very good suggestions on everyday, quick meals for my busy lifestyle. I would definitely recommend giving Harvey a call.”

-Angie, Pasadena, California


“Harvey, was very helpful, he listened to my issues at first and suggested a few ways to address my issues. He even accommodated and prepared meal plans based on my being lacto vegetarian.”

-Deepa, Altadena, California