weight management programs

Weight Management Programs

Holistic weight management programs are designed to help you achieve sustainable lifestyle habits that support healthy weight and optimal overall health. Many people fail to realize that healthy weight management programs are simply an ongoing part of any healthy lifestyle. We have been hard wired in our society to just think of “weight loss” when our bodies become an undesirable weight, or we run into lifestyle related health complications. When this happens, we turn to a “diet,” to solve the problem.

The Difference Between Dieting & Weight Management Programs

Using a diet simply as a fix for weight or health concerns is kind of like treating a preventable illness with medications that only make us feel better, but don’t solve the underlying problem. In contrast, a solid, holistic weight management program can help teach you, your body, and your mind sustainable lifestyle habits for optimal health and weight. You will learn how to make your life work for your health and wellness goals, not against them.

Introduction to Holistic Weight Management Programs

In just over  month, I can teach you the basics of how to make sustainable weight management a natural, graceful part of your everyday life. Here is what’s included in this introductory package:

  • One initial consultation to get acquainted and learn about your goals, eating habits, favorite foods, day to day challenges, and wellness concerns.
  • One personalized meal plan, designed specifically for you, to help you learn a more efficient way to get your calories, while still enjoying delicious foods.
  • A trip to the grocery store for a healthy grocery shopping tour, to help you get the best nutrition and support from your grocery budget.
  • Four 30-minute follow up sessions to fine tune your progress.
  • Free access to my professional nutrition coaching app, where you can log food & exercise, text questions, and receive recipes and other helpful documents.
  • A goal tracking worksheet to help you get on course for long-term success.

You can schedule a FREE phone or video consultation to ask questions, so you can decide if Introduction to Holistic Weight Management or any of my weight management programs would be a good place for you to start! Schedule your FREE phone consultation here! 

Ready to get started? You can purchase the Introduction to Holistic Weight Management package at a special website rate of $295 today! Purchase your package and schedule your first appointment here!

Holistic weight management programs are available in person in the Los Angeles, Pasadena, & Sierra Madre areas, or using remote video conferencing services.