“Harvey is an exceptional coach and mentor, somebody who really cares. He helped me get through the toughest days of my lifestyle change and has had a huge impact on my health! I am 35 lbs. lighter and happier and healthier as a result!”

-Jen, San Jose, California


“Time for gratitude. What a joy this month has been. I have stripped away so much more than lbs. Thank you Harvey — you are the endless loving gift I so needed under the tree this past holiday season. I ran into a client I hadn’t seen in over a year — he said, “wow! you look 10 years younger!” I walked to meet someone in NY and several people whistled “Hey! Pretty lady!” That hasn’t happened in years. Its external things I’m enjoying now. Looking forward to another 28-Days / another 10 lbs / another shift in feeling confident and conscious joy! I am so grateful Harvey!”

-Jordan, New York, New York


“I want to give a testimonial to anyone who’s wondering that it has made a huge difference in the success I have had by having Harvey guide me along; with the wonderful nutritional products, simple and easy recipes, and aways available with encouragement or just to listen when I have days where I slip back into old eating patterns. Happy, healthy eating works for me!”

-Sharyn, Venice, California